Board of Directors

Since its inception in May, 1995, the CREDO Board of Directors has continued to meet regularly for the purposes of program planning and the advancement of CREDO.

CREDO Board of Directors

Father Peter Fonseca, Spiritual Director

Dr. Helen Gelhot, President

Mr. Mike Crossey, Vice-President

Mr. Thomas Hoover, Secretary/ Treasurer

Mr. Paul Hagan

Mr. Conor Foran

Mr. Jason Walter

Mr. Jeff Buchholz

Ex Officio Officers

Mr. Tom Gates, President, Founder

Ken Jones, J.D., President

Dr. Robert Hurley, President

Fred Haehnel, J.D., Vice-President, Founder

Mr. Howard Brandt, Treasurer, Founder

Patti Christie, Membership Chairman

Victor Mercurio, Membership Chairman

Jim Bagailki, President

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