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Back in 1994 a small group of concerned Catholics met in St. Louis to discuss what positive action could be taken by the laity regarding some of the increasingly deplorable conditions in the Church. The discussions resulted in formation of Credo of the Catholic Laity.

Some of the conditions we were concerned about were: The fact that many Catholics no longer believed in the Real Presence, New Age philosophy was being accepted by some Catholics, including certain members of the clergy. Radical groups like “Call to Action,” “We Are Church” and “Catholics for a Free Choice” were becoming more influential. We had heard horror stories about seminaries where orthodox Catholics were humiliated and forced out while active homosexuals were ordained. All sorts of strange concepts were being put forward as in the spirit of Vatican II. Needless to say the homosexual penetration of the clergy and the scandals that have followed have created another and even more serious crisis for the Church.

It was decided that Credo’s primary mission would be to promote solid Roman Catholic Orthodoxy through three vehicles: Education, Activism, and Advocacy. A steering committee was formed and work began. We now have in excess of 100 members. We have sponsored over thirty educational presentations including such speakers as Dr. Wm. Marra, Professor James Hitchcock , Father Pablo Straub, Father John Trigilio and Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz. We have sponsored five Retreats, a Day of Recollection, Special Masses and a Wanderer Forum. We publish a newsletter at least quarterly. In addition we work behind the scenes to point out liturgical transgression and misinterpretation of Church doctrine to those involved and if necessary to the appropriate Church authority. We strongly support those good priests and bishops who are aligned with the Holy Father and the Magisterium.

Our basic doctrine: Faithful Catholics, obedient to the Holy Father and those many good bishops, priests and religious in union with him. Dedicated to preserving doctrinal orthodoxy and rubrical fidelity in the Church’s public worship and to enhancing the spiritual growth of our members.

If you agree with this doctrine we hope you will decide to join us. If you have a special area of concern you may want to become involved in one of our committees. You can join by filling out the application form below and submitting it with the appropriate fees. If you are already a member we urge you to pass this application on to someone else who might be interested.

If you would like to know more Call Howard Brandt at 314-894-0357 or Victor Mercurio at 314-878-2067.


Credo of the Catholic Laity Membership Application


I would like to become a member of Credo of the Catholic Laity. Enclosed is my check for annual membership dues: $12.00 individual $15.00 family.




Please make your check payable to Credo of the Catholic Laity and remit to:

Credo of the Catholic Laity

C/0 Howard Brandt Treasurer

4386 Honeydew Lane

St. Louis Mo. 63128

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