Tom Gates


Tom Gates HeadshotTom was baptized Catholic but raised as a Methodist until age 18.  While growing up, he was influenced by his mother and friends and was motivated to take instructions in the faith.  He then converted in 1965.

He experienced the post-Vatican II changes shortly thereafter and became somewhat confused and disillusioned.  He was married in 1968 in the old rite before the new mass was implemented.  After marriage, he and his wife lived in an “ultra liberal”  parish and were thus introduced to many liturgical and theological abuses.  About 1974, after much study and reading, he and his wife recognized the errors and dissent  which were rampant in this parish as well as many others as well as the Church at large.  He and his family joined a church 25 miles from home but was orthodox in its teachings, and the novus ordo mass was in Latin.  He has continued his studies of church theology and history ever since.  In recognition of the growing errors and dissention within the Church at the time, he and Howard Brandt decided to found an organization to promote orthodoxy and loyalty to the Holy See in 1986.  This was the birth of Credo of the Catholic Laity.