David Moss


David MossDavid Moss was born into a Jewish family in 1941. Father of four children, he worked for 28 years for IBM.

Having lost his faith about a year after his Bar Mitzvah, David embarked on a search for the meaning and purpose of life. During this time, he was educated at Brooklyn, Marist and Vassar Colleges in New York State.

In 1978, after having spent 23 years in that search, God responded to his cry of despair in his office in IBM. In 1979 he entered the Church.

Soon afterward, he was introduced to Fr. Elias Friedman OCD and his vision by Msgr. Eugene Kevane who had become Fr. Friedman’s collaborator. In 1987, David established The Miriam Press, the first Hebrew Catholic publishing company, to publish Fr. Friedman’s major work, “Jewish Identity”.

In 1992, David along with 8,500 others was downsized out of IBM. Simultaneously, Fr. Elias Friedman OCD asked him to lead the Association of Hebrew Catholics which Father had launched from Israel in 1979. In 1994, David committed the remainder of his life to this work.

In 2001, David and his wife Kathleen moved to Ypsilanti, Michigan to associate with Ave Maria College. In 2002, Bishop Mengeling of the Diocese of Lansing, Michigan gave the AHC his approbation and blessing.

In November 2006, with the approbation and blessing of Archbishop Raymond Burke, the AHC relocated to St. Louis, establishing its headquarters there.

Since Fall 2007, the AHC has hosted a continuing series of lectures in the Cathedral Basilica school on the “Mystery of Israel and the Church”. It is taught by Dr. Lawrence Feingold, Assistant Professor of Theology for the Institute of Pastoral Theology of Ave Maria University. David joined the Credo Board of Directors in 2010.