New Life in Renewal A Response to Vatican II

In response to the challenge that the Second Vatican Council presented to religious congregations, which was to renew the charism of their institute according to the authentic and original spirit of their foundress, seven sisters participated in an experiment that ultimately led to the forming and founding of a new branch of  Mercy. The vision […]

Can Dignitatis Humanae Be Reconciled With Traditional Catholic Doctrine?

Can Dignitatis Humanae be reconciled with traditional Catholic doctrine? A new book-length debate on this question between Credo Spiritual Adviser Fr. Brian Harrison O.S. and Arnold T. Guminski has just come off the press and is available for order from St. Augustine’s Press by clicking here. One of the gravest and most divisive issues confronting […]

Don’t Be an Idiot says Anthony Esolen

Doctor Anthony Esolen, professor of English at Providence College in Rhode Island, presented “Fatherhood and Freedom” as 2013 Frederick Philip Kenkel Memorial Lecture for the Feast of St. Joseph, co-sponsored by Credo of the Catholic Laity and the Catholic Union of Missouri. With over 130 in attendance, Professor Esolen explained the necessity of fathers and […]

Audio Recordings from Day of Recollection Available from St. Joseph Radio

A successful CREDO Day of Recollection in the Chapel of Saint Anselm at the Oratory of Saints Gregory and Augustine last Saturday proved a worthwhile occasion to enhance our Lenten observance and enjoy some Christian fellowship. Father Ambrose Bennett of the Saint Louis Priory presented the opening conference and this was followed by the Sacrament […]

Anthony Esolen Fatherhood and Freedom April 14, 2013

Anthony Esolen, acclaimed author, speaker and professor of English at Providence College in Rhode Island, will be the featured speaker at the annual St. Joseph Forum sponsored by Credo and the Catholic Union of Missouri.  Dr. Esolen is the author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Western Civilization  and Ten Ways to Destroy the Imagination […]

NaProTechnology Naturally Addresses Infertility Issues 7 PM Thursday March 14

Learn how NaProTechnology Naturally Addresses Infertility Issues NaProTechnology is a Major Breakthrough in Monitoring and Maintaining a Woman’s Reproductive and Gynecological Health. Local physicians who have practiced NaProTechnology for a combined 37 years will explain the science & methodology behind it. Hear from real women who have experienced real solutions. Click Here to Read a St. […]

Professor James Hitchcock’s History of the Catholic Church

Finally! Professor Hitchcock’s long awaited and comprehensive  History of the Catholic Church is out. Join Credo in welcoming his book and congratulating him on his latest achievement at a reception and book signing event from 2 – 4 PM on Sunday, January 27th at St. Louis the King School (Boland Hall) at the Cathedral Basilica. […]

Robert George: The Time of the Comfortable Catholic is Over

With this statement, Professor Robert George of Princeton University began his outlook on American life in the near future. Addressing more than 160 audience members at the November Credo Forum, he reminisced briefly about the Catholic Church’s influence during the “golden years” of the 40’s and 50’s, years when government intrusion in our institutions was […]