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Anthony Esolen HeadshotAnthony Esolen, acclaimed author, speaker and professor of English at Providence College in Rhode Island, will be the featured speaker at the annual St. Joseph Forum sponsored by Credo and the Catholic Union of Missouri.  Dr. Esolen is the author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Western Civilization  and Ten Ways to Destroy the Imagination of You Child, which Peter Kreeft called “A worthy successor to C. S. Lewis’s The Abolition of Man.”  He is a regular contributor to Magnificat, Touchstone, First Things, Catholic World Report, Latin Mass, and the author of published articles and essays beyond counting.  Fr. C.J. McCloskey describes Esolen’s recently released Reflections on the Christian Cover of Anthony Esolen's Reflections on the Christian LifeLife as “written by today’s best Catholic writer in the English speaking world – and this is his best book yet.” (Click the image to order from Sophia Institute Press. Bring it to the Forum and have it inscribed by the author.)

Dr. Esolen’s talk will include an analysis of the important connection between fatherhood and freedom, how the father naturally represents the claims of law, and how all just law, far from inhibiting our freedom, inhibits the license that enslaves, and clears away a wide space for freedom.

Join us at 6 PM Sunday April14th for an evening of stimulating analysis and discussion at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Clayton, Missouri. Non-Members $35; Members $30; Group of 8+ $30. Menu choices this time are Salmon or Chicken Parmesan. As ever, you may order a vegetarian meal, but it is Chef’s Choice as to exactly what it is. Entrees are served with salad, rolls, appropriate veggie, dessert, iced tea, and coffee. Free inside parking at the 7777 Bonhomme Parking Garage. The bridge from the garage to the hotel is on the Orange Level. The garage gate will be open when you leave. First time? Other Questions? contact us here and be sure to leave your phone number.

Register Here before Wednesday, April 10th.

Have you got a favorite Anthony Esolen article, your own book review (Credo’s Bob Hurley has two: here and here) or other comment? Share your thoughts in the comment boxes.

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  1. Here’s a good article in Touchstone: Married with Reservations in which it is argued the only possible prenup is an agreement to marry.

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