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Cover Photo of Professor James Hitchcock's History of the Catholic ChurchFinally! Professor Hitchcock’s long awaited and comprehensive  History of the Catholic Church is out. Join Credo in welcoming his book and congratulating him on his latest achievement at a reception and book signing event from 2 – 4 PM on Sunday, January 27th at St. Louis the King School (Boland Hall) at the Cathedral Basilica. Copies will be available on-site at the discounted price of $25 (cash or check, please). Professor Hitchcock will give a short talk, and will be happy to inscribe your copy if you like. There will be light refreshments. No charge but donations appreciated. Questions? Click Here.

Click the photo here to be taken to the Ignatius Press webpage for the book. Need a flyer for your church or school bulletin board? Click Here.

This is not a textbook treatment of the Church’s history — rather it is more like her story — the Church’s story — told by a professional (and sympathetic) historian. The bad and the ugly are not ignored whilst the good and the beautiful are recounted. Hitchcock says “While in every age the Church demonstrates her power to transform the world, the moral weaknesses of both her leaders and her members are at the same time both a scandal and an ironic witness to her divine character – mere men could never have accomplished the good that the Church has achieved over two millennia.”

Professor Hitchcock is a member of Credo’s Advisory Board.


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