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Breaking the Spiral of Silence BannerSpiral of Silence: A social phenomenon where, out of a desire to avoid reprisal or rejection, people go along with what they think is the popular opinion – even if they object to that opinion personally. Instead of voicing their objections, they remain silent. In cooperation with the Bishops’ ongoing campaign for religious liberty, the DVD “Breaking the Spiral of Silence” will be shown,Tuesday, July 24th at 7 PM at St. Catherine Laboure followed by a Q & A session with Dr. Ed Hogan, director of Paul VI Institute in St. Louis. Free.
Tuesday, July 24 from 7:00-9:00
St. Catherine Laboure Parish
9740 Sappington Rd, in the parish hall.

In the film various Christian leaders discuss topics of life, liberty, marriage and family–and how we need to speak up about them. The DVD features Father Jonathan Morris Father Jonathan MorrisFather Jonathan Morris joined FOX News Channel (FNC) as a general news contributor in May 2005.

Since beginning as a contributor, Father Jonathan has reported on a variety of news stories including the passing of Pope John Paul II, the 2005 riots in Paris, France and the influx of human trafficking surrounding the World Cup in Germany in 2006. In addition to his studies and contributing duties, he also writes for FoxNews.com.

Prior to FNC, he served as an adviser to the producers of the film, “The Passion of the Christ” and advised in promotion and pre-release marketing for the film. Father Jonathan received his bachelors in business administration as well as separate degrees in classical humanities, philosophy and theology from the Franciscan University and the University of San Jose. In June 2004, he completed with high honors a licentiate degree in moral theology at Regina Apostolorum Pontifical University in Rome, where he is currently a doctoral candidate.

Full Length Portrait of Dr. Ed HoganEd Hogan has a PhD in Systematic Theology from Boston College.  He has taught theology on the high school, college, and graduate school levels, as well as in parishes and adult faith formation programs.  Ed served as Director of Deacon Formation, Director of the Center for Ministry, and Director of the Department of Formation for the Diocese of Saginaw, MI.  He currently lives in Saint Louis, where he serves as Director of the Pontifical Paul VI Institute of Catechetical and Pastoral Studies for the Archdiocese of Saint Louis, and Associate Professor of Theology at Kenrick-Glennon Seminary.  Ed and his wife have six children.


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