Jan 242012

Cicero the AdvisorCredo’s Spiritual Advisor Fr. Brian Harrison wrote a response to Leonard Pitts’ January 15th, 2012 column published in the St. Louis Post Dispatch saying that people of faith will be still be opposed in 100 years to same-sex “marriage” as they are today.

Leonard Pitts’ gloating celebration of the way college students recently drowned out with boos and catcalls former U.S. Sen. and Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum’s expression of views is yet another example of left-wing intolerance and disdain for free speech rights (“‘Boo’ — loud and vigorous — Rick Santorum,” Jan. 15).
Contrary to what Mr. Pitts and other supporters of gay rights claim, there is no conclusive scientific evidence that same-sex attraction is “biologically driven.”
Mr. Pitts’ attempt to discredit belief in exclusively man-woman marriage by likening it to racism and male chauvinism is flawed. Those forms of prejudice have no basis in biblical teaching or the natural moral law. Opposition to homosexual conduct certainly does. (The structure of our own bodies shows us plainly that they were designed by the Creator for male-female union only.) That is why, contrary to Mr. Pitts’ over-confident expectation, billions of Catholics and other Bible-believing Christians and Jews, as well as Muslims, still will be as firmly opposed to same-sex “marriage” a hundred years from now as we are today.

The Rev. Brian W. Harrison • St. Louis

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