Hitler, the War, and the Pope

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Credo is honored to welcome Professor Ronald Rychlak, author of Hitler, the War, and the Pope to our June 12th, 2011 Forum. The book was cited by the Congregation for the Causes of Saints in its investigation of Eugenio Pacelli, now The Venerable Pope Pius XII, and has been praised as “the best and most careful of the recent works” on the subject of his actions during the war.

Professor Rychlak will trace the life and character of Ven. Pope Pius XII from the Second World War until after his death, highlighting the rescue activities he undertook during the war, credited with saving the lives of hundreds of thousands of Jews.

In 2010, Rychlak published a second edition of his book that relates recent discoveries of Cold War efforts of the Soviet Union to tarnish Pacelli’s reputation, and he will rebut modern allegations often made against this pope.

Ronald Rychlak is Professor of Law and Associate Dean at the University of Mississippi School of Law, and serves as advisor to the Holy See’s Mission to the United Nations. Rychlak has been awarded two Papal Medals by Bl. Pope John Paul II and by Pope Benedict XVI. He is the author or co-author of seven books and regularly writes for The Washington Post’s “On Faith” blog and InsideCatholic.com.

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Tom Leith

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    Tom Leith
  • This was one of the better talks we’ve had at Credo recently. Dr. Rychlak’s presentation was very “visual” — it is something to see copies of original documents in front of you while he talks about how they’ve been ignored or abused since about 1960. Reproductions of them are in his book. Here is a link that is the substance of the talk, except you can’t see the illustrations. Or hear the jokes.

    One interesting example you can see by clicking here is the way a photograph was manipulated to make you think that Pope Pius XII is being saluted by, what is that, an SS Officer? Are those Nazi soldiers standing there?”

    You can buy the book and explore by clicking here.

    You can also buy a CD recording of the talk from St. Joseph Communications by clicking here. They don’t have online ordering, but there is an e-mail link you can click in that box that says “online shopping coming soon”. In your e-mail ask for the Ron Rychlak talk from the June, 2011 Credo Forum. The price is $9.50 inclusive of shipping. Be sure to tell them where to mail it.

  • Dr. Rychlak will have a few of his books at the Forum and he’ll be happy to inscribe one for you. Register today, we have to tell the hotel how many meals to prepare.

  • There is information now on the blog about Professor Rychlak’s talk, and a link to a paper from earlier this spring that covers the same material. You can order the book, explore the topic, and order a CD of the talk.

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